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Northbound Sales Training delivers a live instructor-led online program, ‘Goal Aligned™ Selling’. This 8-module course will give you the skills & strategies to succeed in this tough selling environment. 

You can experience the program from anywhere and learn in short, bite-sized sessions – the best way for people to learn!

If you’re a sales manager, this is a perfect way to develop solid foundational selling skills for a select few members of your team!

We all know the world of selling was turned on its head last year and most salespeople are still facing an uphill climb to get back to pre-COVID levels.  As things open up, you’ll need to equip yourself with sharper selling skills to capitalize on every sales opportunity. 

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Personal Rejuvenation; Algonquin Solo Canoe

Personal Rejuvenation. Solo Canoe

Covid has been hard on us all. Our lives have been changed in so many ways. Some good and some less favourable. Regardless, it has meant stress and confusion at times. As I relate in my Achieve the Outrageous keynote (based on my unsupported and unassisted ski to the South Pole), it is important to…

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June 2020 Industry Update: Change Fatigue and Calls For Change

June 2020 was a month of change fatigue and calls for change. The ongoing impacts of Covid-19 that have ushered change to every area of our lives and work resulted in a fatigue that sustaining or enduring continuous change brings. Coupled with pandemic related change, there is momentum and international public outcry and demonstrations calling…

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Hello from low camp on Mount Vinson

Team Building camp on Mount Vinson

Hello from low camp on Mount Vinson. We packed up base camp this morning and decided to go fast and light up the mountain due to our tight time schedule. We packed 5 days of food and only the essentials and set off up the trail. The route out of base camp starts pretty steep…

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Arrival at South Pole

South Pole Expedition

We arrived at the South Pole at 8:30pm Dec 31 just in time for New Years dinner. It was a hard journey and we faced some challenging weather and poor visibility along the way, but that is what you get when you travel by ski expedition to the South Pole. This is hard and demanding…

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Antarctica is never done with you

The day started out beautifully with clear skies, a light wind and about -25. We packed up camp and stared to ski. As the day went on the temperature dropped and the wind increased. Regardless we were making good time. My goal was to hit 10 nautical miles today and we were doing well. The…

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Arrival at Union Glacier

Arrival at Union Glacier in Antarctica

The team arrived at Union Glacier in Antarctica a couple of days ago. We are now waiting for our flight to our drop off location at 89degrees south. The weather is poor with low visibility for flying so we are stuck at Union Glacier for a few days. We hope to fly in a day…

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Hi from Union Glacier

After being delayed in Punta Arenas for several days we got the sudden call to be ready to fly in 2 hours. We hurriedly packed and made it to the office by 6:45pm. We went through security and boarded the plane and were wheels up by 8pm. After a smooth 4 hour flight we landed…

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