Summit Team Building

Scott Kress 2019 Baffin Island Expedition: Day 6

Today was our big push day. We had a long way to go and only one way to get there. Our campsite last night was beautiful. We could just see the top of Asgard poking through the clouds and the huge valley spread out behind us from where we had come.

Because it was a long day we started at 6:30 making water, eating and breaking camp. We hit the trail about 9:30 and immediately out of camp we had a relatively big hill to climb. We moved into low gear and with a lot of teamwork ground up the hill. The sky was completely blue, the sun was shining and there was little wind.

We descended the hill onto Summit Lake. A huge expanse of unbelievable scenery unfolded in front of us. Several glaciers descended from high peaks into the valley and immense peaks soared into the sky in every direction. Asgard and the surrounding mountains and glaciers were the highlight and were so breathtaking it is hard to describe.

Once on Summit Lake the surface changed and the snow became more hard packed from the wind. The travel became easier with varied surface conditions from soft snow to hard packed but ice. We traveled down the lake for about 11km and everyone was in high spirits.

We got to camp about 3:30 and started to set up camp. The group has evolved tremendously over the last few days. Camp set up is easy. The groups need very little help and the quality of the tents is much better. Tonight we are on ice so the group had to figure out how to secure the tents to the ice. They did a great job.

Even though today was the longest day we were so efficient that I had time to visit each tent and have a long chat with everyone. People shared their highlights from the day and ate a well deserved meal. Tomorrow we head to another amazing spot; Mount Thor.

Good night from TPL Baffin.

Summit Team Building

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