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Our team building session was completely relevant, full of energy, and well received by all. Don't wait until you have team issues before considering a session, consider it as preventative maintenance and make it a regular part of your training program.

Jim McArthur

VP Operations, Innovative Steam Technologies

Summit Team Building

Scott Kress


Scott's accomplishments as a leadership training instructor are only surpassed by his successes on the side of the world most famous mountains.

Mary Barry

Program Director

Mary has been designing and leading Summit programs for over 10 years. She also works hard behind the scenes connecting with clients.

Laurie Warkentin

Program Director

Having travelled the world in recent years, including a 2 year stay in Zambia, Laurie has cultivated a global perspective on team development.

Susan Bentzen-Bilkvist

Operations Director

Susan has been with Summit since 2000 and is the Marketing Manager, and Accounting and HR Administrator.

Melanie Rempel

Office Manager

Melanie has been keeping the Summit office organized and orderly for over 10 years. After graduating with a Recreation and Leisure Studies diploma.

Lewis Lau

Program Support Manager

The newest member of Summit’s office team, Lewis has spent the past two years conducting empirical research on team building.

Christy Deere

Lead Facilitator

Christy has a passion for helping individuals realize their full potential, and develop the skills that make them more effective in their professional lives.

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