Lewis Lau


The newest member of Summit’s office team, Lewis has spent the past two years conducting empirical research on team building.

With a background in psychology, Lewis has brought a unique perspective to the adventure and experiential education programs that he has been facilitating over the past five years. Lewis cultivated a keen interest in workplace engagement during his time in Program Coordinator roles for both Brock University and Tim Horton Children’s Foundation, and has since spent time studying how relationship development can contribute to employee engagement within corporate organizations.

Lewis began pursuing a Masters of Arts degree in Applied Health Sciences in 2017, and has since conducted original empirical research examining the impact of adventure-based team building programs. He is passionate about translating findings from empirical research into applicable insights that can practically benefit organizations, and is driven to leverage those insights to create positive change within teams from various sectors.

Lewis brings an enthusiasm for building well-connected teams around the world to Team Summit, and an eagerness for growth that is only rivaled by his hunger (literally).

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“We extend our thanks to the Summit team for once again making this event a huge success while offering a lasting experience for our Cross-Functional Lead Forum team members.”

Cheryl Codrington

Pfizer Canada

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