Summit Team Building

Team Building Training Workshops

These in-depth and interactive team building and training workshops cultivate essential skills for individuals, teams, and leaders that can be immediately applied to the workplace. Our programs cover a wide range of topics including High Performance Teamwork, Change Management and others – scroll down to learn more!

Our skilled facilitators will be there to guide your participants throughout the experience, ensuring that each participant is engaged, following guidelines, and having an enjoyable experience.


Do you have a newly-formed team or one that is simply looking for a tune-up? In this workshop you will experience high performance teamwork, understand its value and know how to intentionally achieve it at work.

Developing effective leaders is a deliberate and ongoing process. This multi-stage program will inspire participants to set a compelling personal leadership vision, help them to assess their current reality and give them the tools they need for success.

Is your team struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of change? In Navigating Change we explore the link between our need for innovation and the challenge of coping with the change it inevitably causes.

Trust is what enables people to collaborate, build strong respectful relationships and contribute fully to the team’s work. Through a series of powerful experiences, we take people out of their comfort zones in a safe, supportive environment.

Communication is vital for success. In this workshop we address interpersonal and interdepartmental communication through personal styles assessments and a series of interactive challenges.

Much of a person’s success is based on their ability to manage their emotional interactions. This is referred to as Emotional Intelligence (EQ) The measure of EQ is a powerful predictor of success and it can be improved through training.

Organizations that have created a culture in which employees are fully engaged, connected to a common purpose and empowered result when leaders deliberately act to create and nurture it throughout the organization.

Many organizational experts believe teamwork remains the one sustainable competitive advantage that has been largely untapped. Building an effective team takes commitment and a deliberate, thoughtful approach from everyone involved.

Does your team spend too much time in unproductive storming and too little time truly performing. This session will help team members find that “sweet spot” where they can productively exploit differences of opinion, resolve destructive conflict, and find common ground in the team setting.

Studies have found that people who have an opportunity to focus on their strengths every day have 6x greater engagement. Learn about individual and team strengths and put them to work in this workshop.

Blending the best of the workshop and the keynote this highly engaging and insightful workshop will inspire your teams and give them an opportunity to apply critical insights to allow them to reach their summit.

This workshop goes beyond understanding behaviours into the motivations and values that drive those behaviours. Gain a deep understanding of self and team and increase performance through this insightful workshop.

For organizations setting a new strategic planning cycle Summit will provide a skilled facilitator to take you through any or all of the stages of the planning cycle including: clarifying your mission, discovering your core values, setting a compelling vision, conducting a SWOT analysis, choosing strategic priorities, objective setting and action planning.

Do you have differences that split your team? Do you find that you communicate really easily with some of your work colleagues and have to make a real effort with others? We all have different personality styles that make it very easy to work with some people and challenging to work with others.