Summit Team Building

On of the key signals for me as to the return we get from these work sessions is the long lasting effect on the group. Today, after almost two weeks the participants are still talking about the experience relative to communication, motivation and team work.

Jeff Allen
VP National Sales & Marketing Canada, Deutsche Financial Services



Are your team members locked in destructive conflict? Does your team spend too much time in unproductive storming and too little time truly performing? This session will help team members find that “sweet spot” where they can productively use differences of opinion, resolve destructive conflict, and find common ground in the team setting. Participants will identify their own preferred conflict management style, learn to identify types of conflict and apply a variety of resolution strategies through role plays and case studies. We will also look at useful tools such as active listening and effective feedback.

This workshop is appropriate for intact teams, project teams and team leaders.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for helping to make our first national sales at Guilford an outstanding success.

David P. Wright

Executive Vice President, Guilford


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