Summit Team Building

We also created a new vision statement that invigorated our leadership team and gave them new focus in the development of our company culture.

Renaud Payette
General Manager, InterContinental Toronto Centre



Today’s most successful organizations have created a culture in which employees are fully engaged, connected to a common purpose and empowered to act. Such a culture rarely appears on its own. It happens when leaders deliberately act to create and nurture it throughout the organization. What is your organizational culture?

Summit Team Building will use the Human Synergistics’ “Organizational Culture Inventory®” to assess your current culture. The Inventory measures 12 behavioural norms and identifies 3 possible cultures. We will then help you define your ideal culture through workshops designed to discover your shared values, create a shared vision and create your best practices.



Summit has orchestrated training sessions for our approximately 750 staff, resulting in improved communications between all areas of operation and inspiring our team.

Sean Durkin

Area Manager, Conservation Halton

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