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Whether you’re a newly formed team or you’ve been together forever, there’s always a lot to learn about each other and the way you interact. There is no magic bullet for the perfect team but there are some universal guidelines that can help all of us. You know your team better than anyone – what are the critical areas you want to focus on right now? Build the series that is relevant and timely for your team.


Building trust within your team has a huge ROI. Trust leads to better collaboration, more commitment and a healthier culture. On the trust spectrum where is your team?


What is EI and how can it lead to better success on your team? Understanding the impact we have on each other whether intentional or not can make or break any team.


What drives your team? What motivates them? Extrinsic rewards like salary, bonuses and health-care seem logical however it’s the intrinsic ones that get the best results.


Change happens fast – transition happens slow. How do you get you team on board when major changes are occurring within your organization?


Why is it so easy to communicate with some people and not with others? Is it us? Is it them? It’s actually a little of both. Find out how you can make intent = impact in the way you interact with your team.


Every team has conflict. Conflict can be healthy and lead to better outcomes for teams. Being mired in conflict? Not so much. Learn how to get to the root of of your team’s tensions and focus on the real source of opposition.


There’s no question – It often feels like there is very little we have influence over. It’s easy to focus on the things we can’t control. With only so much energy to spend in a day let’s direct it to where it will make areal difference.


Management and leadership are not interchangeable words. Effective leaders know the difference. Choosing the leadership style that will have the best impact on your team is truly a sign of an effective leader.


Teams that play together work better together. We will show you tips and tricks to inject a spirit of playfulness and fun into your everyday meetings.Sense of humour required!


Build your series. Build your team.

3 modules: $3000.00

Each additional module: $750.00

I appreciate the opportunity to take the leadership and team building sessions from Summit Team Building. They did a great job on the workshops and improved my leadership abilities by applying different leadership styles and conflict management tools that are applicable to both my professional and personal life. I enjoyed all the sessions a lot. I highly recommend Summit Team Building.

Mujtaba Zia

Richmond West Corp

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