Summit Team Building

Summit delivered a top notch event that was both fun and relevant. Enabling us to achieve our goal of creating more familiarity amongst our group and improving morale.

Alanna Waugh
Manager, Administration, ScotiaMcLeod



The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI®) is the cornerstone tool of the Relationship Awareness Theory. Whereas many other tools measure personality, the SDI goes beyond that and explores the motivations and values that support the behaviours we choose. Identifying the unique forces that drive us is tremendously helpful -particularly when it feels like people are crashing into each other, rather than driving organizational results.

Relationship intelligence gives organizations and individuals the tools they need to build more effective personal and professional relationships.This deeper understanding can set up teams for high performance and successful collaboration, even in a virtual or remote setting! This tool empowers people to recognize that they can choose their behaviours to accommodate their underlying values, while also taking into account the values of others. It is a dynamic and powerful way to look at human relationships that aids in minimizing unnecessary conflict while building communication, empathy, and effective relationships.



We can see the difference these training sessions have had and the results have been positive experiences for our guests and have increased our sales.

Sean Durkin

Area Manager, Conservation Halton

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