Summit Team Building

Summit Team Building brings a unique blend of theory and experience to advanced level of training on leadership and high performance teams. One day, all courses will be taught like this.

Professor Tony Kinder PhD
University of Edinburgh MBA Programme Director



Do you have a newly-formed team, experienced a big change, or is your team simply looking for a tune up? This workshop will engage your team through interactive presentations and discussions.

Participants will learn about Summit’s High Performance Team model, understand its value and know how to intentionally achieve it at work. Your team will build stronger relationships and learn the critical elements of development, collaboration, problem solving, group decision making, trust, and communication. Team members will analyze their current stage of development and performance and create personal and team goals to guide their day to day interactions.

This workshop is appropriate for intact teams and project teams.



I really enjoyed the program, it was very beneficial tp spend time with my co-workers in this environment. The program was fun and I learned we can work together, enjoy it and accomplish our goals!

Susan McGrath

Canadian Blood Services

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