MBTI Virtual Edition

"I really enjoyed the program, it was very beneficial to spend time with my co-workers in this environment. The program was fun and I learned we can work together, enjoy it and accomplish our goals!"

Susan McGrath

Canadian Blood Services


The Idea

Do you have differences that split your team? Do you find that you communicate really easily with some people and have to make a real effort with others?

We all have different personality types that create these situations. Understanding your personal type and the types of others is critical in driving effective interpersonal interactions. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® is the most widely used and respected personality assessment for professionals, and is instrumental in achieving effective team work.

This assessment provides valuable self awareness as well as incorporates strategies that will help you bring out your strengths and identify your potential blind spots. People that have the advantage of understanding how to communicate and work effectively with others possess a distinct edge in both their personal and professional lives.

The Details

  • Participants will complete a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment prior to the workshop and receive a comprehensive and individualized report
  • Breakout rooms and interactive activities will help illustrate the strengths and potential blind spots held by each individual
  • Individual action planning

The most lasting benefit has been from the MBTI portion of the workshop. Directors and VP's have found this so useful that I have had several requests for further training for their staff.

Fiona Mitchell

VP Human Resources, Morrison Lamothe


The Results

  • Value the diversity of other team members personality types
  • Understand and appreciate both your own and others' preferences for relating and communicating
  • Understand the elements of effective collaboration
  • Assess your personality styles strengths and blind spots to create action steps
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