Summit Team Building

Over 20 Corporate Team Building Activities

At Summit, corporate team building activities are designed to create an experience that resonates. It is essential that each program is fun, sophisticated, organizationally appropriate and provide a defined value. Each team building activity is designed for both large and small teams and can be used as an energizer during a conference, as a kick off to a development initiative or as a maintenance piece within a multi-day training and team building solution.

This highly competitive food adventure will challenge teams to create the ultimate culinary masterpiece. A great kick-off to a conference, a pre-dinner event, or anywhere you want to add some fun to your agenda.

Get that creative edge as your team produces a series of artistic masterpieces in which each group member contributes their unique ideas, concepts and brushstrokes.

This philanthropic adventure combines digital photography with interactive team initiatives to raise funds for an entrepreneur in an underprivileged region in the world.

At 8850m Everest, is the tallest mountain on earth and one of the most sought after mountaineering goals. During this team building activity your team will have a chance to embark on a simulated ascent of this extraordinary mountain as participants make critical decisions that will lead them to the top.

This fun, active and engaging program adds a little learning to your team building experience.  Through challenging team activities, you will discover the key elements that separate teams who simply survive to those that consistently thrive.

Teams will be presented with the unique opportunity of directly impacting the global community! Participants will step up to compete in a series of team challenges that will lead up to the ultimate goal of putting together a prosthetic leg, which will be donated to a clinic across the globe.

Experience the fun of wine-tasting and build your team at the same time in this competitive event! Following a brief wine appreciation seminar, teams must succeed in a series of ‘spirited’ challenges, including the application of their new-found knowledge, to solve the mystery.

The Ice Cream Making Challenge is a fun-filled, competitive workshop that combines the knowledge gained from various expert workshops with the unique experiential facilitation of Summit Team Building to produce an unforgettable and delicious team building adventure.

Tap into the power of healthy communication by examining the necessary elements that make it happen. These insights are brought to life when geographically separated teams must construct components of a freestanding bridge that, once connected, must support a heavy-load.

This thrilling high ropes experience will literally take your team to new heights of trust, mutual support, leadership and collaboration. No experience is necessary and there is a role for everyone regardless of fitness level.

It is 10am on a mid-August day and your plane has just crash-landed in the middle of the desert. You and your fellow passengers are alright, however, getting out of this situation in one piece is going to require some quick thinking and team work.

Looking for a way to inject some energy and excitement into your next event? This program will provide a stimulating break for your team from planned meetings. Teams will experience a series of fun and competitive head-to-head games, which all lead up to an opportunity to give back to youth in their local community.

In this invigorating team building session, we will coach your team towards mastering the art of juggling. The process involved in overcoming this challenge can be applied to tackling any challenge in the workplace. In addition to providing a fun and lively energy-booster to your meeting, The Juggling Act can also produce numerous learning moments for your team.