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As a group of professional facilitators, we were impressed with Summit's ability to put us through an activity without feeling like we were being 'put through an activity.' Their team was professional and got into the spirit of the event; very impressive.  Our objective was fun and the Summit team delivered.

Allison Christilaw

Managing Director, Managerial Design


The Idea

It’s been said, “To understand a man, you’ve got to walk a mile in his shoes, whether they fit or not.” It’s hard for most of us to imagine coping with a disability in a developing country with little or no support. But this is the reality for thousands of people around the world.

Through it’s connection with a children’s hospital in Kijabe, Kenya, this program will have your team step up to compete, to perform and to help our global neighbours in a truly meaningful way. By providing much needed prosthetic devices to hospital staff, your team will help change lives in ways that are immeasurable.

You may never walk a mile in their shoes, but thanks to the efforts of your team, they will be able to!

The Details

  • Your group will be divided into small competitive teams
  • Teams will complete a variety of challenges that will earn them points and parts for the final prosthesis assembly
  • Each challenge will be followed by discussions that will link experiences back to workplace reality
  • Program concludes with a message from our partners in Kenya and award ceremony for the winning team who accumulated the most points
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Everyone participated. Everyone had a good time. Everyone respected you along with the rest of your team. They had fun, how do you beat that! Outstanding! Job well done!

Karen Gates

Sales - The Americas, Bombardier Aerospace Inc.

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The Results

  • Encouraging social responsibility by giving back to the global community
  • Build relationships by allowing your team to play with a purpose
  • Meet challenges with new enthusiasm
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