Conquering Everest

“Our company used Summit Team Building for our Sales Conference. We had over 100 people in attendance and the program that Summit designed for us was engaging and motivating for the entire team. Their team did an excellent job from start to finish in ensuring our goals as a company were met with the service they provided.”

Kimberly Thacker

Flanagan Food Services


The Idea

At 8850m Everest is the world’s tallest mountain and one of the most sought after mountaineering goals. Your team will embark on a simulated ascent of this extraordinary mountain. Participants, working together as a team, will create a vision of success and make the critical decisions needed to summit. During Conquering Everest you will follow Summit President Scott Kress’ 2008 climb of Everest when he became the 51st Canadian to summit. True stories, photos and video from the expedition will bring this program to life. The ultimate goal of this program is to demonstrate the power of team when embarking on a complex and challenging task. Consensus and commitment are the goals throughout this simulation- two things that are easy to understand but difficult to attain

The Details

  • Participants will work in small expedition teams
  • A brief introduction sets the stage for the ascent with real stories & photos
  • Each team will determine their vision of success
  • Teams must collaborate to reach a single solution to an expedition related dilemma
  • Group answers will be compared to the expert answers and the results will determine your level of success
  • The session wraps up with additional expedition stories and photos which will give your team an amazing perspective that can only be found at the summit of Mount Everest
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Summit got into the spirit of the event; very impressive.  We see a lot of events and we don't always feel like the organizers understand the objective. Our objective was fun and Summit Team Building delivered. Fabulous!

Allison Christilaw

Managing Director, Managerial Design

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The Results

  • Develop effective problem solving and group-decision making skills
  • Understand and value each person’s unique contribution to the team
  • Increase team commitment through new consensus building approaches
Summit Team Building

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