The Mystery Wine Challenge

Selling aircraft is a pretty aspiring sales career. If our salespeople feel in the least like they are being talked down to or are being told how to do what the do best you lose them. I've seen it happen other years. This year was different. Everyone participated.  Everyone had a good time. They had fun. How do you beat that? Outstanding!

Karen Gates

Sales, The Americas, Bombardier Aerospace Inc.

Outward Bound

The Idea

Perseverance, hard work, and confidence in their potential are some of the team characteristics that have made the wineries of Canada internationally recognized in the last decade. These characteristics, along with others, will be put to the test in The Mystery Wine Challenge.

Collaboration and resourcefulness are maximized in this competitive team challenge. Teams will explore fine wines paired with the complexities of aged cheese, decadent chocolate and other unique flavours in order to successfully identify wines as part of this fun and engaging team experience.

The blinded aroma station and the ice wine relay are some of the fantastic activities that add depth to the experience, resulting in stronger relationships and elevating overall team spirit.

The Details

  • The entire group will be taken through a brief wine identification seminar, highlighting how to view, smell and taste a glass of wine in order to fully appreciate it
  • The group will then be split into competitive teams and be challenged with a series of wine related activities to earn points
  • Some activities will be intellectual, some physical, and some will require an out-of-the-box approach
  • The final task will require the team to use the information gained from the wine seminar to properly identify the mystery wine
Corporate team building

We tasted wine, went orienteering through the snow, shot photography, completed a scavenger hunt, cooked and identified aromas. This was the most creative and innovative team building exercises I have experienced!

Rod Sheridan

Director, Asset Management, Bombardier Aerospace Inc.

Outward Bound

The Results

  • Develop wine appreciation skills and grow an understanding of the Canadian wine industry
  • Create an environment that allows team members to get to know one another better
  • Build relationships by allowing your team to play with a purpose
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