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Too much on your plate and not enough time to get your entire team together? Join us for our Lunch and Learn series. We break down some universal elements of team success into bite-sized pieces and give you a take-away box that you can share with your team. You will look like a hero when you show them what you learned.

Build Your Own

Intact Teams

Whether you're a newly formed team or you've been together forever, there's always a lot to learn about each other and the way you interact. There is no magic bullet for the perfect team but there are some universal guidelines that can help all of us. You know your team better than anyone - what are the critical areas you want to focus on right now? You pick the modules, dates and times. Build your series. Build your team.

What We Do

Virtual Programing

All Summit Virtual programs have the same care and attention given to them as our in-person events. We have designed each program to have the right combination of fun and learning and facilitated in an engaging format that adds value to your virtual event. Explore our Team Building Programs, our Training Workshops, and our motivational Keynotes and then contact us to learn how we can design the best program to meet your needs.

Team Building

Our team building programs seek to find the perfect intersection of fun, adventure and shared experience, with an eye toward lasting results. Ideal for large groups and small, our programs can be a perfect energizer during a conference, a great kick off to a training day or a maintenance session to help keep your team on track.

Training Workshops

Our training workshops start off experientially to demonstrate the exhilaration found in great teamwork, followed by an understanding of how and why it is essential to focus on team performance. Then, using easy to apply tools and strategies Summit has developed, we teach teams how to gain commitment, build trust, communicate effectively and, of course, get results.

Motivational Keynotes

Are you striving to achieve something truly outrageous? Learn from someone who has been there and done that. Scott Kress is a masterful storyteller, an author, a leadership and team building expert, a former Executive MBA Professor and a life-long adventurer. Scott will share stories and insights from his adventures that will inspire your team and give them skills to achieve.

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