Summit Team Building

I have been impressed with the debrief and the level of the trainers abilities to tie it back to the workplace. I also know that our team has benefited from the comments I have received.

Tracy Gualtieri
Human Resources Manager, Sir Corp



Whether as a leader or a team member, much of a person’s success is based on their ability to be in touch with, monitor and manage their emotional interactions. This is referred to as Emotional Intelligence. The measure of Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a powerful predictor of success, and it can be improved through training. This course is based on the EI 2.0 assessment completed online by each participant prior to the course. During the workshop, we build an understanding of key concepts, hand out personalized reports and provide tools to enhance emotional functioning. Participants create action plans to improve functioning in the two areas that they find to be most relevant to their workplace performance.



You understood our requirements and delivered a program that was met with resounding applause. Your session has been reported as one of the highlights of our national meeting.

Kim Katz

Director Client Operations Training, Telus Mobility

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