Melanie Rempel


Melanie has been keeping the Summit office organized and orderly for over 16 years. She also packs, organizes and facilitates many Summits team building programs. If you need anything done or need something found, Melanie is your go-to person.

Melanie graduated with a diploma in Recreation and Leisure Studies from Niagara College and is active in the community volunteering at her local church to work in the nursery.

She has three energetic children and a wonderful husband who keep her busy. Chickens are the latest additions to add to the fun! Melanie loves to go to live concerts and gets in some reading when there are a few quiet moments.  She also loves to entertain friends.

team building activities

True to your word and promise, your facilitators were fantastic and feedback from over 300 participants has been great. 

Linda Rummell

Canwest Media

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