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Scott’s Expedition to The North Pole Day 5 – makin’ Tracks

Today was quite a good day. We woke at 6:30 as usual and started in to all our chores; eating, getting dressed, packing up, and taking down the tent. We were good to go at 9:30.

Last night was a cold night. Likely In the -30 neighbourhood. I was a little cold in my -40 sleeping bag and that is unusual. The morning was about -24 with a good wind making for a very cold windchill. But it was a bluebird sky and the sun was warm and the wind was at our backs.

The trail started out ok, got really rough and then turned quite good. We made good time as the snow was wind blown hard packed and the ice surface was relatively flat. After 6 ski blocks we covered about 18km.

The excitement for the day was seeing Thor Island. All day yesterday we were traveling pretty blind and today it was nice to see a landmark to confirm our location and direction of travel.

We are camped in a beautiful spot in the middle of the sea ice. Inside the tents with the stoves going it is quite warm. Almost too warm. After our freeze dried dinner, drinks and dessert of chocolate we are just about done for the night. I have just a bit more water to do for hot water bottles then I will shut the stoves off which is always nice as they are so loud it is difficult to talk.

Good night from the ice.

Summit Team Building

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