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North Pole Expedition Announcement

In April of 2020 I will be leading an expedition to the Geographic North Pole. Read below for some details and if this sounds fun to you please contact me. I have 1-2 spots left on the permit.

In just a few short years this amazing expedition will be impossible due to climate change impacting ice reliability. Join Scott Kress in April of 2020 and become one of the fortunate few to experience this phenomenal place before it is gone forever.

Some of the highlights from Scott’s adventure career include; climbing the 7 Summits (15th Canadian), skiing unsupported and unassisted 1000km to the South Pole (4th Canadian), led two expeditions to the Magnetic North Pole and guided 7 expeditions for True Patriot Love worldwide.

For this amazing adventure, we meet in Svalbard’s capital Longyearbyen, on the island of Spitsbergen (Norway). After preparations and training we fly 2.5 hours by Antonov-74 aircraft to Barneo Ice Camp before flying by Mi-8 helicopter to 89° north, 112km from the North Pole.

Temperatures will range between -20° to –35°C as we tow our sleds across the open ice while navigating the pressure ridges and open leads of water caused by the constantly drifting ice surface. This is a true Arctic Ocean expedition, alone against the elements, challenging the drift, overcoming the constant obstacles.

Teamwork is essential as there is much to do – navigating, camp selection, tent pitching, communications. Inside the tent the atmosphere is warm (relatively speaking) and comfortable and 24-hour daylight allows for a wide range of extra activities such as photography, reading, writing and exploring.

Skiing 8-10 hours per day (10-20km) there is no shortage of time to explore the real Arctic Ocean. Everything before us is as it was centuries ago when early explorers first ventured into this truly remote region. The feeling is one of isolation and exclusivity as if we are the first to discover the North Pole.

After 7-8 days we reach the North Pole and celebrate our arrival at the top of the world. To top it off we may spend the night here before being collected by helicopter the next day. We return on the 40-minute flight to Barneo then fly on the AN-74 back to Longyearbyen, transfer to hotel, then commemorate with fine Norwegian hospitality.

The North Pole Last Degree is an outstanding polar expedition, giving every participant a deep insight into Arctic Ocean adventuring.

Summit Team Building

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