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Hello from low camp on Mount Vinson

Hello from low camp on Mount Vinson. We packed up base camp this morning and decided to go fast and light up the mountain due to our tight time schedule. We packed 5 days of food and only the essentials and set off up the trail. The route out of base camp starts pretty steep and stays at a constant grade all day long. We chugged away uphill for 9km gaining almost 700m in altitude. It took us 6 hours and although long was not too physically difficult. We started in the cloud and for much of the day had low visibility. About 1 hour from camp the clouds moved off and we were treated to a beautiful view of the mountain. We are the only team at low camp at the moment. There are 3-4 teams hunkered down at high camp in a wind storm. We were advised not to move up until it calms down a little. Fortunately, we have radio contact with high camp and they will let us know how things look in the morning. Right now we are resting in our tents and it is quite warm and calm here. Hard to believe that 1000m above us all hell is breaking loose.

Summit Team Building

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