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Hi from Union Glacier

After being delayed in Punta Arenas for several days we got the sudden call to be ready to fly in 2 hours. We hurriedly packed and made it to the office by 6:45pm. We went through security and boarded the plane and were wheels up by 8pm. After a smooth 4 hour flight we landed at Union Glacier just after 12:00am on Dec 21. From the landing strip we were transported to Union Glacier camp proper. We had a quick tour and a bite to eat as we waited for our bags to arrive. Once our bags arrived we set up our tents and were in bed by 3:15am in the bright sunlight.

After a short sleep I was up by 8am for breakfast and to start the chores for the day. Today we had to prep all our gear for the South Pole. We had to set up the tents, test the stoves, gather all our food, collect our fuel and many more tasks. I also had to meet with communications to review the daily communication procedures, then the travel safety department to review the route and safety procedures. Next was a visit with my buddy Doc Martin to review our medical kit and discuss medical procedures. Last was a final meeting with the camp manager to go over any final detail and get clearance to fly.

We are now all ready and just waiting for the call to load the plane. There is a chance we will fly Dec 22 morning, but there is also a chance we will be delayed for a few days due to a bad weather pattern at the South Pole region.

Camp is comfortable and the food is great, but I hope we get out of here tomorrow as we have a tight schedule to keep to make it to the South Pole and to climb Vinson.

Summit Team Building

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