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Scott Kress 2019 Baffin Island Expedition: Day 5

Today was a good day. Our camp site last night was very nice, and it was a relatively warm night.

We woke at 6:45 to start to make water, have breakfast and pack up camp. We hit the trail at 10:00 and could not see anything. We were socked in with cloud and the light was as flat as it gets. We could not tell up from down or right from left. We took a couple of wrong turns but found the snowmobile track from our support crew and that got us on our way.

We had close to a foot of fresh snow so trail breaking and just moving in general was more difficult. Snowshoes were critical for the day.

We had a long day of almost 15km over 5.5 hours. We adjusted our strategy for the day and made it through the day pretty well. Close to the end of the walk  the sun came out and the views were spectacular. We have a beautiful camp with a stunning view of the top of mount Asgard in the distance.

We have finished dinner and people are in good spirits. It is going to be a cold night tonight and will be a cold start to the day but it is supposed to get warm and sunny around mid day.

Good night from TPL Baffin.



Summit Team Building

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