Summit Team Building

Summit Team facilitated the Art of Team event for our conference and it was a huge success. It is amazing to see the creative ideas that came out of the team and how it was organized and put together!

Hanan Haddad



Kids in kindergarten almost all enthusiastically claim to be artists – by the time they finish grade 6 they rarely do and only reluctantly. Where does that creative spark go? In truth, it is still there it just needs to be given a workout once in a while. The ability to sync our right brain – the creative side – with our left brain – the logical side, is a hot commodity in today’s conceptual age.Learn how your team can incorporate under used elements of design, storytelling and play to find out how creativity could be your next big competitive edge.



An extremely valuable session. It was nice to participate in an event developed around our business, instead of making us fit a “packaged” program.

Ron Hansell

President, Ball Harrison Hansell

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