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Team Building in Toronto

Toronto is one of Canada’s leading cities for meetings, events, conferences and team building. There is so much to see and do and a wide variety of venues and locations to choose from.

At Summit Team building we have had the pleasure working with countless groups and just about every meeting and conference facility in the area. Below is some information based on our years of experience.

Top 5 Venues

Kingbridge Centre: This beautiful full-service conference centre is located in Toronto North and is complete with sprawling hills, winding trails and out team building ropes course. This conference specific facility can host large and small groups. The dedicated conference wing provides a wide variety of meeting rooms with full in-house AV service. Overnight accommodation is available and the dining room offers chef inspired meals for all your needs.

The Old Mill: Located in the West end of Toronto this unique facility provides a fun and focused meeting environment. Located on the subway line this facility is easy to access and can accommodate large and small groups. The Old Mill has a large variety of meeting rooms and great food to accompany your event.

The Royal York: One of downtown Toronto’s most famous and storied hotels and conference venues. The beautiful décor will make your group feel special whether it is a day meeting or a multi-day conference. Located close to countless restaurants and entertainment options.

The Hilton Harbour Castle: Just steps from Lake Ontario this large meeting venue offers all you need for your meeting and event and a great waterfront atmosphere. After your meeting it is easy to stroll the streets or take a ferry ride to Toronto Island.

Institute for Learning: located in Scarborough this purpose built meeting facility can provide you will all that you need from meeting space, to recreation, to accommodation to meals. Located conveniently close to so many amenities and easy to get to, this location can host groups of 5-500.

Top 5 Programs to be Delivered

In Toronto many groups are looking for active and engaging team building events as well as learning and development. Some of our most popular team building programs for Toronto include.

Put Your Chef Hat On is a highly competitive food adventure will challenge teams to create the ultimate culinary masterpiece. A great high energy kick-off to a conference, a pre-dinner event, or anywhere you want to add some fun to your agenda. Breakfast and dessert options are also available. This program is indoor based, needs a large meeting space and does not replace any meal service. Duration 90 minutes.

Through engaging team challenges, Survive or Thrive, will identify key elements that separate teams who simply survive from those who consistently thrive. Divided into smaller teams your group will progress through a series of team challenges gaining points for their performance. Teams will have the opportunity to discuss their performance and learning to prepare for each successive challenge. This program can be indoors (need a large open space) or out. Program duration 90 minutes.

Do you have a newly-formed team or one that is simply looking for a tune-up? In this workshop you will experience high performance teamwork, understand its value and know how to intentionally achieve it at work. You will build strong relationships and learn the critical elements of development: collaboration, problem solving, group decision making, trust and communication. Fun and challenging activities anchor several main learning modules. From these engaging experiences, team members establish patterns of successful interaction. Team members will finish by developing a shared team vision and creating a code of best practices to carry them forward.

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Communication is vital for success, yet it is the number one challenge for organizations worldwide. In the Effective Communication workshop we address interpersonal and interdepartmental communication through personal styles assessments (such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® or Identity Mapping™) and a series of interactive challenges. Participants learn how to connect with all potential audiences by recognizing communication preferences, presenting ideas appropriately, understanding others’ points of view and responding appropriately. Explore the challenges specific to your workplace, and learn to overcome communication barriers between departments, teams, customers and clients. This workshop is appropriate for intact teams and project teams.

Scott Kress is a masterful storyteller, a leadership trainer and team building expert, a former Executive MBA Professor and a life-long adventurer. What sets Scott apart is his ability to climb mountains. He is one of the very few people in the world who has summited Mt Everest.

In fact, he has climbed the highest peak on each of the 7 continents plus skied to the South and North Pole. A feat that fewer than 50 people in history have accomplished.

Scott’s motivational speaking keynotes will contain not only gripping stories from his adventures, but also the personal, team, and leadership strategies he used that have been proven to create enormous success not only for scaling mountains, but also for individuals, teams, and organizations.

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Addition Places in Toronto to Help Build Your Team

Summit offers many great team building options to give your team and meeting the boost they need, but there are also many other great options in the Toronto area.

Mirvish Theatre: An iconic live theatre with unique and memorable shows.

Professional Sports Events: Blue Jays, Raptors, Maple Leafs, TFC – Toronto is a great place for sports fans. Take your team out to see a game.

NHL Hall of Fame: Even if you are not a hockey fan this place is fun and interesting to visit.

CN Tower: Take your team to the top of the famous CN Tower. Dine in the restaurant or take a stroll on the Edge Walk.

Ripley’s Aquarium: Fun and interesting, this unique team outing will provide hours of entertainment.

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