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Scott was great. He really delivered and made a positive impact on our employees. He was so personable and hung out after his keynote to have discussion with the group. We had quite a few of our employees reach out and chat with him after. Scott did a terrific job relating the content of his keynote back to teamwork and leadership and his interaction with the group while presenting was amazing. I am still hearing how great he was as I chat with some of our employees. Thank you so much for working with us on this. I call it a 100% success and we will definitely being looking forward to working with Scott again in the future.

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Custom designed for your group, Summit will effectively blend either of Scott’s motivational keynotes into a training workshop.

This half- or full-day workshop integrates Scott Kress’ extremely popular “Learning In Thin Air” or “Achieve the Outrageous” keynote with a mix of
activities, models, tools and strategies that will meet your learning and
development goals. The riveting true stories makes this workshop highly
engaging, and the content makes it valuable to your team and your


Using stunning visuals and engaging stories, Scott shares his personal insights into leadership, teamwork, and personal achievement. At specific points in the story, the group is asked to reflect upon their own challenges and goals as they relate to trust, change, communication, conflict and other
aspects of team development.

Each workshop is custom designed to focus on your goals and objectives. Tool cards, worksheets, and action planning guides help participants capture their insights and act upon them. The highly interactive format makes this session as engaging as it is relevant.

Participants are not just listening to a story, they are actively participating and applying the presentation content to their real world goals and challenges.

Add a book to your keynote

More than just a Mount Everest motivational speaker and story, the Learning in Thin Air book includes real tools, techniques and models that people can apply to their lives.

Mount Everest is the story, but personal, professional, team, and leadership development is the objective.


Scott’s high energy talk on his Everest climb kept everyone in awe, demonstrating how successes and failures directly related to the team and their interaction with each other.

Valerie Hotton

Mgr. Special Projects, Tax Appeals Branch,

Ministry of Revenue

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