Summit Team Building

Scott's engaging story-telling made this one of the best presentations I've seen in a long time. I highly recommend him as a speaker to any team looking to transform themselves from a Good Team to a High-Performance Great Team.

Edmar Selda
Mid-Market Commercial Account Manager, BMO Bank of Montreal



Are you looking to build a team that can achieve big goals,
overcome daunting obstacles, and stand on the Summit
together? Learn from someone who has done just that.

Scott Kress is a noted speaker, author, team building expert, former MBA Professor and leadership consultant, helping organizations turn their teams and leaders into passionate achievers.

What sets Scott apart is his ability to scale mountains. Scott is the 51st Canadian to summit Mount Everest and the 18th Canadian to climb the seven summits; the highest point on all seven continents. He has skied 1000km unsupported to the South Pole and guided a team of wounded soldiers to the magnetic North Pole.

When Scott engages his audiences with audacious tales of his Everest climb where challenge and change were abundant, and seamlessly ties that into reaching ones professional and personal goals, one can’t help but listen. Scott demonstrates that the tools he uses to find success in the mountains are the same ones that each listener can start to use in their workplace. Using polls and interactive engagement tools, you will be making critical climbing decisions alongside Scott and his climbing team.

Scott’s presentations are high-energy, engaging and passionate but most importantly they are relevant to the challenges faced by organizations and their teams today as each presentation is custom designed to meet your needs. Topic areas include; team building, trust, change, goal setting, leadership, overcoming challenge, perseverance, planning team culture, conflict, and more.


Add a book to your keynote

More than just a motivational story, the book includes real tools, techniques and models that people can apply to their lives. Everest is the story, but personal, professional, team, and leadership development is the objective.


Scott’s story is extremely interesting, and he delivered with a passion and credibility unlike any I have ever seen. He understood our vision and values and then seamlessly built them into his presentation which made for a very relevant message that really struck a chord.

Reidin Good

Managing Director, Mattel Canada

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