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8 Snack Box Companies You Can Use for Virtual Team Building Events

An Appetite for Appreciation!

What do snack box companies have to do with virtual team building you may ask!

In talking with teams who are planning events and conferences, groups are looking for ways to increase engagement in their virtual events as well as to send the message that their team members are appreciated and valued. 

When we talk with teams about the potential of adding a relational and fun virtual team building program into their agenda, it is often to address the challenge of an otherwise long meeting with few opportunities for interaction and engagement. 

Even in planning for a virtual motivational speaker or a leadership or team learning opportunity like Summit’s virtual training workshops, teams are continuing to find ways to curate memorable and engaging virtual events and learning opportunities. 

Much has been written about the value of employee appreciation and its need for foundational importance of building or maintaining team relationships, even and especially when working remotely.

When we work with teams in adding team building and training programs in their virtual events, some groups have also been curating snack boxes to be sent to their employee’s homes. A unique snack or swag box is another great way to reach out and engage, show appreciation, and be a tactile part of a virtual event experience.

Snack Box Companies We Researched

We often speak with the person or small group of people that have been tasked with organizing the agendas for their organization’s event, and we wanted to provide this quick reference guide on some of what we see to be fantastic snack box options to hopefully ease some of your research.

Snack boxes are a great companion to a virtual team building or training program, and in some cases can provide materials needed for a program (such as juggling balls for The Juggling Act team building program or a healthy, high performance snack companion for a High-Performance Team workshop). 

Below is a comparison of a few of our favourite options right here in Canada and our neighbour in the USA.

Canadian Snack Box Companies

Hunger Hankerings

Snack Box Companies Hunger Hankerings

Snacking Options: wide range of healthy to indulgent, can be customized, and can include swag

Where: Mostly within Canada, but have a partner to fulfill US orders

Cost: $36.99-$149.99 + tax CAD

Why we like them: Eager to customize to make it special for your event. 

Hunger Hankerings offers the most diversified snack boxes in Canada! Snack boxes range from guilt free to full on junk food, and everything in between.  Choose your own snacks or select from one of their expertly curated theme boxes.

Box sizes range from small to extra large, or you can customize the size by contacting them. For corporate customers and specialty orders for events, virtual meetings and team building, they offer all regular theme boxes as well as the option of a custom box; allowing them to tailor the box to your preference and include different themed swag and other items if requested.

Hunger Hankerings food

The majority of their orders ship within Canada, however they do have partnerships with snack box companies in the US, and therefore can fulfill US orders when necessary.  The most popular provinces they ship to are ON, QC, BC, and AB. Shipping times vary depending on the destination. However, on average shipping times are 2-5 business days after placing an order.

Mindful Snacks

Snack Box Companies Mindful Snacks

Snacking Options: wide range of snack for the healthy minded, coffee and tea options

Where: Canadian, but can ship anywhere in North America

Cost: starting from $25 + tax CAD

Why we like them: willing to customize with swag, unique healthy snacks and coffee!

Born out of the purpose and vision to enable workforces to live healthier lives by making healthy snacking fun and simple through the work day, Mindful Snacks was the first company in Canada to offer full service fun & healthy mindful snack programs for workplaces. They have earned their position of being a key strategic partner to organizations committed to creating engaging and healthy work environments for their people. 

With the pandemic causing people to work from home, Mindful Snacks is now doing the same for workforces at home through “Mindful Snack Kits” leading the Future Of Work From Home employee experience. With a turnkey full service offering, Mindful Snacks offers a wide variety of “Mindful Snack Kits” options to choose from starting $25 and they can ship directly to staff anywhere in North America to satisfy every employee whatever their dietary needs & preferences are. 

Their options include “True North Box” – With Canadian Local Products, Family Box – Includes treats for kids, Plant Based Box, No Nuts Box, Indulgent Box – designed to indulge the taste buds, Gluten Free Box, Kosher Box, The Ultimate Crave Box, The Barista Box which includes Coffee & Tea products, and they can also customize kit experiences for special events and occasions. Their uniqueness is their expertise to design kits with a combination of healthy yet fun sweet & savoury snacks for a well-rounded mindful experience always. 

“We stay committed to our purpose to assist organizations help their people live healthier by making snacking healthy, simple and fun” – James Tjan (Founder & CEO)

The Balanced Company

Snack Box Companies The Balanced Company

Snacking Options: Snacks, pantry and lifestyle boxes

Where: Canada wide

Cost: Starting from $25 + tax CAD

Why we like them: dedicated to self-care

The Balanced Company is a Canadian, women-owned company that is committed to connecting their customers with high quality products to nourish their body, mind and soul. They are the leading subscription box company in Canada, with 3 box offerings: The Balanced Snack Box, The Balanced Pantry Box and The Balanced Lifestyle Box curated with healthy snacks to pantry essentials to products dedicated to self-care. Engage employees and create memorable team building events by sending a Balanced Box to all attendees through their Corporate Program, which they designed with you in mind. Their Corporate Program is as easy as: 

1. Filling out a turn-key form, generating a unique link for your organization

2. Sending your unique link to recipients that allows them to submit their shipping addresses and select their box preference; and 

3. They ship all boxes Canada-wide directly to each recipient’s door to enjoy! 

The Balanced Company can work with any budget starting from $25/pp and with a minimum of 7 days notice. Customizations are available to curate boxes with a combination of snack, pantry and lifestyle products. All boxes containing food items can also be customized for the following dietary preferences/restrictions: Gluten-Free, Vegan, Nut-Free, and Keto-Friendly. Their lifestyle box can be curated by gender as well. It is the perfect accompaniment to your next virtual event!


Snack Box Companies Go Java

Snacking Options: Options include coffee as well as snacks or swag

Where: Across Canada

Cost: Starting at $35 (includes shipping and tax) CAD

Why we like them: Coffee!!! Can include Summit program specific items

Werk Perks by GoJava

Virtual team building is the new norm, and GoJava has a dynamic way to engage your remote team. Through Werk Perk Credits and fully customizable care packages, they’ll help you extend the in-person team building experience to your team even when they’re participating from home. They ship across Canada so your remote team can enjoy the perks wherever they are.

Build-your-own boxes and curated boxes start at $35. The price includes shipping and taxes – for Canadian recipients.

Want to send more than just snacks? Send them your brand’s most killer swag, Summit can send worksheets or their program items, etc. and they’ll include it in each of your attendees’ custom snack boxes, so they can “show up” to the event in style.

Start your order ASAP (at least 14 days prior to the event) and they can delay shipping the boxes to the date of your event. While setting up the order, you’ll be able to specify when you want the boxes to arrive by.


Fight Zoom fatigue with snacks and sips! Our partners at create virtual event snack boxes that showcase local small businesses. 

Snacking Options: Discover a wide range of food, drink, and other goodies all sourced from a network of 500+ Canadian small businesses

Where: Based in Toronto Canada, but shipping internationally!

Cost: Starting at $35 CAD

Why we like them: foodiepages knows how to build great event boxes and can help recommend a perfect blend of swag, sponsor material, and small business goods to fit a variety of budgets.

Corporate gifting can be challenging. From deciding on what to gift, to ensuring your brand and messaging shine through – foodiepages makes it simple. They produce unique branded local gift boxes that can be filled with custom-made products, great brands or your own items. They handle everything from curating and sourcing, to warehousing and shipping.

U.S. Based  Snack Box Companies

Snack Magic

Snack Box Companies SnackMagic

Snacking Options: 500 unique items to choose from

Where: over 100 countries…but based out of USA (customization within US)

Cost: from $45/box min USD

Why we like them: similar to a gift card idea – the recipient fully chooses items within budget, ease of use for the organizer.

SnackMagic is the only 100% personalized snack box gifting service, catering to WFH (working from home) employees, client gifts, hybrid events and virtual event attendees. Serving teams across nearly 100 countries in 2020, SnackMagic is the ideal corporate gifting tool that provides a user-friendly interface for sending and tracking orders for 1 or 1000 recipients. As an interactive experience that engages recipients’ sense of discovery, SnackMagic has a menu of over 500 unique products from niche brands. All that is needed to send a snack stash is an email address and recipients can add any products they like to their stash, depending on their dietary restrictions or preferences, making it truly a gift that will be used rather than collect dust in their pantry. Nationwide (USA) orders also include options for further customization throughout the ordering process, adding custom swag to each box, or sealing each box with a branded sticker. SnackMagic is a platform built for integrating into virtual company culture not only because of the organic conversation it generates but for its ability to create a community around something as universal as discovering new snacks to try.

The gift giver sets the budget from $45/box as the minimum. If the recipient does not redeem, then the money is returned to the gift giver, so there is no risk of sending a gift that wont’ be used, like a gift card.


Snack box companies Nature Box

Snacking Options: Check off allergies or preferences to narrow down options

Where: USA and Canada

Cost: orders over $40 qualify for free shipping in USA, and flat $5.95 shipping fee for CanadaWhy we like them: Ease for organizer, re-loadable, 100 items to choose from with no artificial ingredients

A NatureBox ‘SnackPass’ is easy for the organizer to use. Simply set a budget and provide emails. SnackPasses are re-loadable, and you can re-coup unclaimed SnackPasses as credit. Recipients get to choose the healthy snacks they love and for you as the organizer it’s easier to get your team snacks that they’ll love.


Snack Box Companies Caroo

Snacking Options: Personalized recommendations from a 60 second quiz

Where: Primarily USA, shipping is free in Continental USA

Cost: $30-$60 USD, depending on size and what type of swags/snacks

Why we like them: Lots of choice, handles different aspect of employee care, recommendations based on a quiz to learn about your teamEmployee recognition and appreciation has never been more important. Caroo wants to help teams of all sizes by providing a range of employee care products that they have sourced from a world-class selection of delicious and nutritious snacks and beverages and premium gift and swag vendors.

Caroo can handle all aspects of employee care at your business. Whether it’s related to corporate gifting, team building, employee perks, office break room supplies — they’ve got it covered. They also have recently developed a proprietary app that helps you to send and manage your team’s personal care packages with ease. No matter if you are treating 10 employees or 10,000. It takes about 3 simple steps: 

1. Order, schedule, and edit deliveries in minutes

2. Address verification and free delivery done for you

3. Allow recipients to customize their gifts before delivery

Some Parting Thoughts

As you organize and curate your virtual events and meetings, we hope that this list can serve as a one stop reference guide for snack box companies options. In our research, these snack box companies are fantastic options depending on your location and your needs. As we work with groups, we are finding that snack boxes are often sent to accompany virtual events to enhance the experience of a motivational speaker, leadership development and learning opportunities, or a corporate virtual team building experience. 

Combining a tangible snack box with a relational team experience is a great combination to help employees feel seen, appreciated and valued.

We’re Here to Help

If learning, leadership development and soft skills building is on the agenda, we can work with you to create a custom virtual training workshop. And if you want a motivational or inspirational keynote, we have a couple of great options. We hope that you find this post useful in planning your virtual meetings and invite you to connect with us. We’re happy to have a conversation and send a free proposal. Happy planning!

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