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Scott Kress is a masterful storyteller, a
leadership trainer, an Executive MBA
Professor and a life-long mountaineer. He
is the 51st Canadian to summit Mount
Everest and the 18th Canadian to climb
the 7 Summits. In this engaging keynote,
Scott will share the insights he has gained
having led high altitude expeditions for
over 25 years.

As Scott Kress was trekking 1000km across
Antarctica to the South Pole, he was thinking
“this is pretty outrageous”. In this engaging and
insightful presentation, you will learn all about
trekking to the South Pole, but more
importantly the 7 lessons that Scott used to
achieve this outrageous feat. These lessons
can apply to any individual on a team trying to
achieve a big goal and perform at their peak.

Take either one of Scott's two keynotes and
turn it into an interactive workshop with
breakout group discussions, deeper learning
discussions and the development of personal
action plans. An excellent way to further the
applicability of Scott's impactful keynotes for
your own team!

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