Summit Team Building

"This was the perfect workshop to support our meeting. We had been talking about these exact learning principles and this activity put it all into practice. Everyone was engaged, learning and having fun and they were so much more productive as a result of this short time spent learning a new skill in a dynamic environment."

Training Director
Acklands Grainger



We’ve all been there…online work or meetings where concentration and focus fades as the day goes on. You want your team to be engaged, focused, and in a learning mindset – so shake up their day with a completely different experience. Boost engagement and energy, exercise their brains and take a break from the normal routine.

Your team will learn the art of juggling by breaking down a complex task into small and manageable steps. Peer coaching in smaller groups will provide support and motivation as they learn and have fun together. All of these concepts easily transfer to any number of new tasks your team faces every day.



“We extend our thanks to the Summit team for once again making this event a huge success while offering a lasting experience for our Cross-Functional Lead Forum team members.”

Cheryl Codrington

Pfizer Canada

Team Building - Virtual

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