Summit Team Building

Scott Kress is a masterful storyteller, a leadership trainer and team building expert, a former Executive MBA Professor and a life-long adventurer. What sets Scott apart is his ability to climb mountains. He is one of the very few people in the world who has summited Mt Everest.

In fact, he has climbed the highest peak on each of the 7 continents plus skied to the South and North Pole. A feat that fewer than 50 people in history have accomplished.

Scott’s virtual motivational speaking keynotes will contain not only gripping stories from his adventures, but also the personal, team, and leadership strategies he used that have been proven to create enormous success not only for scaling mountains, but also for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Scott Kress is a masterful storyteller, a leadership trainer, an Executive MBA Professor and a life-long mountaineer. He is the 51st Canadian to summit Mount Everest and the 18th Canadian to climb the 7 Summits. In this engaging keynote, Scott will share the insights he has gained having led high altitude expeditions for over 25 years.

As Scott Kress was trekking 1000km across Antarctica to the South Pole, he was thinking “this is pretty outrageous”. In this engaging and insightful presentation, you will learn all about trekking to the South Pole, but more importantly the 7 lessons that Scott used to achieve this outrageous feat. These lessons can apply to any individual on a team trying to achieve a big goal and perform at their peak.

Take either one of Scott's two keynotes and turn it into an interactive workshop with breakout group discussions, deeper learning discussions and the development of personal action plans. An excellent way to further the applicability of Scott's impactful keynotes for your own team!

The story of his climbs of Everest and other mountains is what engages and captures the imagination and the addition of models, tools, theories and strategies connects it to the readers goals and challenges. Scott wrote this book to tell his story, but also to provide insights for personal, team, leadership and organizational development.