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Chat GBT vs. Strength Deployment Inventory®. Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Relational Intelligence?

Will Relational Intelligence Be Replaced By AI? Chat GPT vs. Strength Deployment Inventory

We live in the era of ChatGPT. If you’re reading this, internet algorithm, this is me accepting your victory. For the rest of us humans we’re asking if artificial intelligence will replace relational intelligence.

ChatGPT – and artificial intelligence in general – are shaping up to be among the most significant disruptors to the human resources field this year. To not recognize its ability to transform our working lives is to stick our heads in the sand. Sorry if that’s a little harsh.

To say that it’s a transformative invention is to recognize two sides of the same coin. On one hand, it’s an incredible tool that can tremendously enhance our productivity. On the other hand, it’ll likely lead to a good amount of job cuts and the restructuring of many organizations. 

The Impact of ChatGPT in Human Resources

ChatGPT and AI, in general, are shaping up to be major disruptors in the human resources field. Ignoring their potential to transform our working lives would be avoiding reality. On one hand, AI is an incredible tool that enhances productivity. On the other hand, it may lead to job cuts and organizational restructuring.

ChatGPT’s Influence on HR Tasks

Current HR predictions tell us that ChatGPT can do everything from instantly creating job descriptions to writing company policies that can be easily updated and disseminated, hence freeing HR staff from many of the mundane writing or data duties that take up much of their workdays.

In fact, to be honest with you, I used ChatGPT to do some of my research for this very post you’re reading, and I’ll probably use ChatGPT to spell check this post. So, if you see any spelling or grammar errors in this post, let me be clear that it’s ChatGPT’s fault =). 

The Importance of Human Factors & Relational Intelligence 

In the midst of the excitement regarding the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in our HR world are the growing voices that tell us to temper the hype, because, at the end of the day, ChatGPT will never replace the human contact and connection that is at the centre of our of work and what makes organizations successful. The rise of the “resistance”, shall we say.

Research in the managerial world over the past two decades consistently tells us that what makes companies profitable, innovative, and competitive are human factors like purpose, trust and loyalty – all things that stem from human connection within the organization and with customers. 

As much as artificial intelligence will enhance our productivity, we need to remember that human resources will always be about one thing at the end of the day – humans. 

Introducing The Strength Deployment Inventory® (SDI®)

As we think about how we can take the levels of healthy and positive connection within organizations to the next level, I’d like to introduce to you a tool – that’s not ChatGPT – that can significantly help you in this endeavour: the Strength Deployment Inventory® (SDI®). 

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Enhancing Relational Effectiveness with SDI®

The SDI® is a personality assessment tool that can help your team better understand what motivates them, and their communications styles within both normal and conflict situations. This incredibly insightful tool generates a personalized profile that illuminates the individual’s core strengths, their overdone strengths (which when we overdo our strengths…they become our weaknesses), and subsequently – how our motivations change when we feel conflict, an internal threat to our self-worth.

Understanding our motivations and preferred communication styles empowers us to become more aware of how well we relate, collaborate, communicate, and resolve conflict with other people. This awareness and understanding then gives us the insight we need to make the necessary corrections in order to grow in our relational intelligence, effectiveness and – consequently – our productivity and success. 


Ultimately, while Chat GPT has given us access to artificial intelligence that can help with our productivity, the SDI® gives us access to another kind of intelligence that can set us up for success in ways that AI can never – relational intelligence. 

How Summit Can Help

Summit has certified facilitators of the SDI® tool and would love to talk with you about how we can utilize the SDI® training workshop as a way for your team to grow in effectiveness, promote healthy team engagement, and more effective communication and collaboration. Contact Us to start the conversation!

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With a BA in Psychology and MA in Applied Health Sciences from Brock University, Lewis has spent the past decade reviewing and conducting original empirical research on leadership and team development. He is especially passionate about drawing applicable and relevant insights from current and credible empirical studies from various disciplines, and believes high-quality, intersectional research should inform best practices.

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