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Have you been tasked with planning your next virtual event? Not sure where to start? Just take a look below and you will find many great options from in-depth training workshops to fun team building programs and even exciting motivational keynotes.

All Summit Virtual programs have the same care and attention given to them as our in-person events. We have designed each program to have the right combination of fun and learning and facilitated in an engaging format that adds value to your virtual event. Explore our Team Building Programs, our Training Workshops, and our motivational Keynotes and then contact us to learn how we can design the best program to meet your needs

It’s never been more important to stay
connected and show appreciation for
your team than it is right now. “Here’s
to YOU!” is a great way to do both. Say
thank you to your team for all their
hard work by giving them a fun and
engaging break from all the work
they’re doing!

This fast-paced virtual challenge combines quick thinking, a little strategy, planning and creativity, while uniting team members as they work toward a common goal. Your success as a team will translate into dollars loaned to an entrepreneur from an underprivileged region of the world through our partnership with Kiva.

This program is based on Scott Kress' real
life ascent of Mount Everest, and in it, your
team will follow along and make crucial
decisions along the way. The story is
inspiring and engaging, and the team
learning is directly applicable to helping
teams communicate, collaborate and make
decisions on a virtual and live environment.

It is 10 am on a mid-August day and your
plane has just crash-landed in the middle
of the desert. You and your fellow
passengers are unharmed, however,
getting out of this situation in one piece is
going to require some quick thinking and
even more importantly- you must all work
together to come up with a solution. Is
your team up to it?

We’ve all been there…virtual work or
meetings where concentration and focus
fades as the day goes on. You want your
team to be engaged, focused, and in a
learning mindset - so shake up their day
with a completely different on-line
experience. Boost engagement and
energy, exercise their brains and take a
break from the normal routine.

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