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Still Windy | Baffin Island Polar Expedition

Hello from Baffin Island!

Another beautiful day. The scenery was again awe inspiring. Each day the mountain scenery seems to get more dramatic. We had incredible views of Mount Thor’s 4,000 foot vertical face as we walked down the frozen Weasel River. I was here 30 years ago with my wife Sarah in the summer, and had forgotten how stunning the mountains around us are. At one point we were able to look behind us at Mount Thor, ahead to the Penny Ice Cap, and to our side the frozen Schwartzenbach waterfall.

The wind continues to be quite strong, but was fortunately at our backs as we traveled down the river. Last night, the wind was so strong we were unable to pitch our group tent. Instead, we put the small tent in the lee of an emergency shelter, and Scott and I slept in our bivy sacks. Scott said the Northern Lights were amazing!

We are now camped at the appropriately named Windy Lake shelter. We were able to pitch the group tent in the lee of a cabin. The tent is starting to show the strain of the wind as some of the seams are pulling out. We reinforced some of the key points with cord from the repair kit. It just needs to last 2 more nights! Finally, travelling down the frozen river was amazing. We all put spikes on our boots and walked along the surface of the river.

There were frozen rapids below a constriction in the river that turned and twisted amongst the boulders. What a cool trail. Anyway, time to get ready for bed! It’s 7 pm. Unfortunately the wind is increasing in intensity. We are all in good spirits and looking forward to another amazing travel day tomorrow.


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