Summit Team Building

Scott Kress 2019 Baffin Island Expedition: Day 7

It would be difficult to get a better day than today! We slept in until 7:30 and started heating water at 8:00. We took our time packing up as the sun hit the tents and the mountain views burst all around us. After some team photos, we loaded up and hit the trail.

Almost immediately out of camp Summit Lake empties Into the Weasel River down a narrow winding gorge that is a dramatic combination of rapids and waterfalls. For us the river if frozen into waves, drops, and endless amazing shapes. In parts, the grade was perfect for hopping onto your sled and sliding for hundreds of meters. After a couple of kilometres, the river flattened out and opened into a wider plane. At this point, the water pressure forces water through the ice onto the surface. This water develops into a thin layer of ice overnight so there is the main ice, 2-6” of water and a thin layer of ice. As we walked on the ice, the ice cracked and splintered. It was like walking on plastic as it flexed under our weight. In places, we broke through, but not very deep. It was quite exciting, but a little nerve-wracking for some people.

After a while, we entered another canyon that was about 2km long and in a slight decline. The walking was almost effortless.

We met two rangers coming in to service the Summit shelter outhouse and they told us they just out a fresh clean barrel in the Thor outhouse which made the group very excited.

We met Peter, Hazaksai, and David as they were on their way to Summit Lake to get our cargo. They will be our support crew to the end of the trip.

Once in camp, we had an amazing view of Mount Thor, which is the highest vertical cliff face in the world at over 1600m straight up. In some ways, it does not look so big as it is just too difficult to judge the size of it. Plus everything else around us is so huge that it does not look out of place.

Once in camp we sat in the sun and had a great chat with Peter Kilabuk who told stories of the north, and answered questions for well over an hour. The group was very excited to talk to him and to learn from him. We then set up our tents, sparked up the stoves and got hot drinks and dinner ready. Everyone is in high spirits and enjoying life. It is amazing what good weather and a fantastic view will do.

Good night from TPL Baffin Island.

Summit Team Building

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