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Scott Kress 2019 Baffin Island Expedition: Day 4

Over night the wind dropped and the snow stopped. The morning temp was about -15. The group is getting more efficient and we soon had breakfast done and the camp packed.

The day was sunny with a thin layer of cloud, but the visibility was significantly better than yesterday. We traveled mostly on the frozen river today which was much easier. The group is getting better at pacing and we were travelling well today. Just after lunch we walked past this huge rock face the soars over 1300m vertically. It was an amazing site and made everyone feel small.

We trekked on until we found a nice place to camp up on a small hill with a beautiful view. The snow was very nice for setting up the tents and we were soon snug in the tents with the stoves roaring away.

Our evening ritual is to start with a hot drink and then have some cheese, crackers and salami, followed by dinner and a chocolate bar for dessert.

Today we covered about 11km. Tomorrow we will travel about 13km to the Glacier Lake shelter.

For the most part people are doing well. There is a cold and upper respiratory thing going through some of the team and many people have sore this and pulled that. Expedition life is not always glamorous, but we march on.

Good night from the TPL Baffin team.

Summit Team Building

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