Summit Team Building

Preparing to Trek to the South Pole

Polar TravelAs I prepare for my expedition to the South Pole I plan to post regular blogs pre-expedition, during, and post wrap up.

Right now I am in the preparation phase which consists of logistics, equipment, and fitness training.

Most of the logistics are in place, but I did have some challenges with my flights to Punta Arenas. I am arriving one day later than desired, but all should be good.

I have made a few new gear purchases (new Fischer E99 skis and a ColdAvenger face mask), but mostly have everything I need and am starting to organize and pack that now.

I am working hard on my fitness training. My program consists of a 5 mile run followed by a 60-minute tire pulling session. I started off with one truck tire and as that became too easy I added a 15lb brick to the tire and then I added a second brick. I have now worn a hole through my tire and flipped it over to start on a fresh sidewall. I just upgraded to pulling 2 tires and it is very hard. When I first tried 2 tires it was very difficult and I could only pull them for about 5 minutes. Now the 2 tires feel almost the same as 1 tire with 2 bricks.

My departure date is November 11 from Toronto. Until that time I will continue to post periodic blogs with updates on the expedition preparation. Once on the ice I will have a satellite communication system and will have the ability to post dispatches to my blog. I also have a GPS map tracker so that you can follow our exact progress on a map.

Our team members are scattered between Oakville, Colorado and the UK. We are communicating via email and starting the team building process. I have climbed with two of the expedition members before, but one if new to me, but has been on trips with one other team member.

Team building will be an essential element of the expedition as the 4 of us struggle together and live in very close quarters for up to 50 days or more. I will share more about this in future blogs.

Summit Team Building

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