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NOW Is the Time for Team Building. Here’s Why.

A Note from Summit President Scott Kress

Team Building is in Demand

As we emerge from our virtual worlds and meet for the first time in 2-3 years, in person team building is critical. If you have not already booked Summit for your event, don’t miss your chance. There has been a HUGE rebound to in-person meeting and conferences, and leaders recognize that team building is a top priority to help teams and individuals re-connect. As a result, our fall calendar is almost booked solid.

I have been in the team building and training industry for over 20-years and have seen teams enter and emerge from all kinds of challenges. Currently, as we emerge from the pandemic virtual world, teams are so excited to be back together in person at meetings and conferences.

“As a team building expert, what I am seeing is a huge need for teams to re-connect. When you have your in-person meeting, it is hugely beneficial to build in time for team building and training.”

Scott Kress, Team Building Expert and Motivational Speaker

Reasons Team Building is in Demand

The exponential rise in demand for in-person team building seems to be happening around the world. According to Forbes contributor Antonia Bowring, this surge in demand highlights the urgent need for teams who have been working remotely over the past two years to finally get some face-to-face time. Without it, many teams have been missing a key ingredient in their development – trust.

Most likely, your team has changed significantly during the last 2-3 years. You have many new team members that have not yet had the opportunity to meet the rest of the team in person, and you have longer term team members that have not seen each other in-person for quite some time.

As a team building expert, what I am seeing is a huge need for teams to re-connect. When you have your in-person meeting, it is hugely beneficial to build in time for team building and training.

Right now, we at Summit are experiencing a huge jump in the percentage of team building programs that we are delivering. Team building activities are short, fun, active and energizing and give teams a guided experience within which to re-connect. One of our most popular programs right now are our Quest team building programs.

The Quest program is a photo scavenger hunt style activity. We offer this program at many locations including Blue Mountain, Muskoka, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara Falls, Toronto and more. This program is proving to be very popular as it gets teams out of their meeting room, exploring and problem solving together. There are countless benefits to engaging in this program or one of our other team building options.

While we are finding that team building is the main focus right now, we expect that teams will soon turn their focus to training & development. Team building is great for the re-connection, but many teams are finding that after this re-connection that they need to work on communication, collaboration, trust and many other critical teamwork skills. Teams are now starting to book these training workshops for this fall and into the new year.

Ultimately, our whole purpose at Summit is to help your team grow and flourish. Reach out now, and begin your journey to high performance!

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