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Podcast Interview with Scott Kress

Recently Summit Team Building President Scott Kress sat down with Shaun Francis, CEO of Medcan for the Eat Move Think podcast. ‘Eat Move Think’ is a great podcast for anyone that leads, manages or is responsible for the development of high performance teams. 

The podcast How to Build High Performance Teams, Shaun and Scott covered everything from the origins of team building to where it is today and a whole bunch of interesting information in between, including how leadership disproportionately impacts team culture. The popular show Ted Lasso makes a great example of leadership impacting team culture.

Team building has always been important, and now more so than ever. Teams are experiencing unprecedented change, challenge and stress and if we want them to continue to perform, we need to provide them with the support they need.

We hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as Shaun and Scott did making it.

Shaun Francis is the CEO of Medcan, a Toronto based healthcare provider. Shaun knows the importance of teams and walks the talk. For close to 20 years now Summit has been engaged with Medcan to deliver a 1-day training/team building program called the Values session. This program is for all new hires and helps them to learn and understand the values and culture at Medcan.

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Podcast Timeline

00:00 | Team Building: How has team building evolved and what impact has the pandemic and working virtually impacted it?

08:32 | Hybrid Model: Is virtual, remote work here to stay and is there a place for in-person team building? Designing the best team building environment.

10:37 | Fundamentals of high performance teams: Establishing a team vision, culture and focus on relationships. 

12:31 | Keys to a successful team. Scott’s personal, good and bad experiences climbing Mount Everest. How can these lessons be applied to corporate teams?

20:35 | Leadership: How leaders affect team building and performance. What can we learn from the popular show Ted Lasso and NFL quarterback Tom Brady? The importance of all team members being leaders.

27:11 | Mental health and wellness: The impact of dysfunctional teams on individuals immune system, mental and emotional states.

29:13 | Going forward: Advice and guidance for leaders and teams trying to lead through the pandemic using a hybrid model. How should in-person meetings be used vs. online sessions?

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