Summit Team Building

Summit Team Building has been an integral part of our management and departmental training sessions over the past couple of years at Glen Eden/Conservation Halton. Summit has orchestrated training
sessions for our approximately 750 staff, resulting in improved communication between all areas of our operations and inspiring our team. This is no easy task as our employee base consists of full and part
time workers of all ages and experience, but Summit's presentation had a positive impact and reached this diverse audience

Sean Durkin
Area Manager, Conservation Halton


The Challenge

After an employee engagement survey, several areas were identified that could use additional attention. The director did not want to make it all about the survey and the specific areas for improvement, but to focus on the overall culture and process improvement. The engagement survey would be taken again in 18 months, and a mini check-in survey would be done 12 months after the initial survey.


The Solution

Summit has been working with the HRCA for close to 10 years and have been involved in a long term leadership development program, all staff orientation, and employee recognition days. As Summit knew the culture of the organization, understood their business, and knew most of the employees it was natural that they were to turn to us for help.

After several planning meetings we launched an 18 month multi module program to focus on overall culture and process improvement with the end goal of achieving stronger scores on the employee engagement survey.

We started with an all staff orientation meeting to outline the plan, ask for their suggestions, and to gain their buy-in. From here we met with each individual department to identify their greatest strengths and their biggest challenges. We then met with the department heads to review the challenges and opportunities and to prioritize them and begin to develop appropriate action plans. Although not complete yet, the next phases will entail reviewing the plan with each department, implementing the plan, measuring development and fine tuning.

In the end we will be all set for the next installment of the engagement survey and are confident that the goal of increased scores will be met easily.