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Everest: Fact and Fiction


With the large amount of media attention on Everest these days, I thought I would update and re-publish a series of blogs I had written previously about Everest. I love the sport of high altitude mountaineering and as an Everest speaker I attempt to use my experiences to help others climb their own mountains.

There is no question that high altitude mountaineering is exciting and dramatic, but there is also a lot of misinformation out there. I hope to shed some light on the sport I have chosen as my own. I hope you find my blogs interesting and insightful.

And please remember these are my thoughts, insights and interpretations. Not everyone will necessarily agree with my words and that is ok. We all understand and experience this world a little differently.

Some of the topics I will discuss include:

=> Why is Mount Everest so dangerous?

=> Why would you hire an Everest speaker for your meeting, conference or event?

=> How to select the right Everest speaker for your event.

=> Why are so many people going to Everest in spite of this danger?

=> Is there an overcrowding issue on Everest?

=> How is climate change impacting safety on Everest?

=> Can Everest be guided safely?

=> Can Everest be climbed safely without supplemental oxygen?

=> What is the reality of rescue above 8000m?

=> What role does team work play in success, failure and death on Everest?

=> What role does leadership play in success, failure and death on Everest?

I hope you enjoy these blogs and find them interesting and educational.

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