Ascending the Rapids | Baffin Island Polar Expedition

Woke up to a warm sunny morning and a blanket of freshly fallen snow. Circling our tents were the paw prints of our new friend the Arctic Fox . We broke camp and did a 2 hour ascent of the rapids which flow out of Glacier Lake. The views at the top- especially of the cliffs of Asgard- were astonishing, but our dreams of gliding effortlessly across the lake ice were for naught; it was a tough slog across Glacier Lake through soft snow.

We have camped on the frozen channel between Glacier and Summit Lakes . The surrounding hills provide shelter and , as Frank discovered, some great tobogganing opportunities. Tomorrow promises to be even warmer but by Monday we should be back in the minus teens. The weather gods taketh away but also giveth; though colder weather means having to bundle up, it also means firmer snow, which will be most welcome.

The trip thus far has lived up to its advance billing and then some.