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Antarctica/Mt. Vinson Update January 14

49We had no movement today.  There has been a very unusual amount of snow fall here on the mountain.  Even though we awoke to perfect blue skies this morning, we had to be cautious about climbing up on the slopes where the fixed lines are due to any potential avalanche danger, which on a normal year is almost non-existent. So there have been some crazy weather patterns here.

We did get a chance to utilize the nice day to dry things out and take some photos.  There was even an impromptu portrait session with Kristian the photographer taking full advantage of the awesome scenery.

The guides were busy. We sent a small team over to the base of the fixed lines to dig some pits to test the slope and we also were doing inventory of all our supplies for our remaining time on the mountain.

We will most likely move to high camp tomorrow, at a minimum we will do a carry up, we just need to see how things play out with various factors before we make the next step. Spirits are high and we are looking forward to the next day to make more progress toward our goal.

Written by: Ryan Waters Mountain Professionals

Summit Team Building

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