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Antarctica Update- November 19

Update from Ryan Waters, Mountain Professionals today.

Greetings from the team out here in the endless expanse of white. Our second full day went well, as we managed to ski 8.89 Nautical Miles already on our second day with heavy sleds and that in just 6 hours of actual skiing. It was quite warm today, maybe -10 degrees C. So we were skiing along with just a single layer of long underwear and our outer layer with all the zips open. I even saw Scott ski a pitch without gloves.

We are in the tents now with the warm sun and everything drying by hanging up from lines inside. Listening to some tunes and snacking on toasted breads with salami and olive oil!

We will continue our 8 pitches of 45 minutes tomorrow and see how it goes, eventually raising our minutes and ski time per day.

Scott checked in with a text as well. He said he is “feeling pretty good but tired at end of day. Hard work”

Summit Team Building

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