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Antarctica Update: January 1

Ryan Waters from Mountain Professionals posted an update today.

p1010600Congratulations to our incredible team of South Pole skiers who are hanging out at the Pole today getting photos and enjoying the finish line of the trip! We arrived to the South Pole camp in 44 days from the coast and skied roughly 495 Nautical Miles to reach the Geographic South Pole via an unsupported full ski trip!

We had a great New Year’s Eve day at the ALE South Pole camp and special thanks to Hannah and Doc Martin for taking great care of our group. We had a great  New Years celebration with some awesome food that was like a dream after expedition food for so many days in a row. Part of our group (Scott was one of them) even made it over to the ceremony at the South Pole base to see the new 2017 geographic Pole marker put in the ground, and somehow we came away with the bamboo stick that was the literal place holder of the 2017 spot, so that is a cool piece of history that we signed and will bring back! It paid to stay awake and see the event! We are all doing well and will fly back some 3 plus hours this evening to Union Glacier camp and it is likely that the team may be on the return Illyusian flight back to Punta Arenas, Chile tonight through until the early a.m. hours landing back in civilization! So we will check back in as things progress.

Summit Team Building

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