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Antarctica Update-December 4

An update today from Ryan Waters, Mountain Professionals

map-of-antarcticaWe are moving along nicely and can now see the Thiel Mountains off to the West on the horizon. We had our longest distance day to date on December 2 clocking in 13.2 Nautical Miles and have worked hard the past two days with well over 12 miles each day. The team continues to work really well together and are remarkably efficient already working at each aspect of this trip, our camp set up and take down, our ski blocks and breaks, all are like clockwork and the individuals all work so well as a group. It is great to see! The surface conditions change each day, and today they were slow… with sastrugi and slow snow surface, but the weather was perfect to be out, it was around -15 C with very light wind, so we are skiing in fairly light gear right now! Tomorrow we reach a waypoint known as Thiels Corner, and then we turn our compass on a bearing due South almost directly at the Pole. As we lay here in our tents we are exactly 309 Nautical Miles away from the South Pole!

From the map  you can see the general route the team is taking.  They began their journey at the Ronne Ice Shelf.


Summit Team Building

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