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Antarctica Update: December 28

Ryan Waters from Mountain Professionals posted a blog update yesterday.

These can be the most challenging days in a full length polar ski trip, when you are very close to the goal but just literally have to keep putting in your time with no short term landmarks to aim for.

We had a great little Christmas here, too much chocolate accompanied by a big dinner and a sip of incredible Bailey’s Irish creme to finish! The past two days since Christmas day have been hard mentally, but very good as far as distance.

Tonight we are at 89’25 so we are hoping that we will arrive in 3 days time at the South Pole if all goes well.  This means we aim to be  skiing into the bottom of the world at the night of the 30th. We battle the little aches and pains and all the usual things that come along with skiing 470 Nautical Miles over the last 40 days! But we hold on strong and keep on pushing to the finish!

Summit Team Building

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