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Antarctica Update: December 19

Update from Ryan Waters, Mountain Professionals

adventurer-ski-traverse-wind-features-antarctica_34410_600x450It has been a pretty tough few days down here on the White Continent, working through the heavily sastrugi, areas of the 87th Degree. But the team is working hard and  is keen on reaching some better terrain soon. The weather has been a bit more challenging too, as we finally got some real Antarctica conditions… white outs, low contrast light and really cold wind.. up here on the plateau it has dropped several degrees and the wind bites more!

We are just 9 miles away from 88 latitude and look forward to breaking into that target tomorrow with another days work! We were playing Christmas tunes over dinner as we can imagine what things are like back in everyone’s respective home countries and send our best for safe travels this week to loved ones! We will just keep skiing South and talk soon!

Scott has also been sending text updates….I think yesterdays summarizes how he is feeling these days. “The sun was out today but the wind was raging,  It was really cold.  I wore my down pants all day.  It was the hardest day yet…sastrugi hell, going uphill. Unbelievably hard.  I fell 2 times.”  After a couple of hours of recovery he was feeling better.  He said ” I think  2 more days of travel should get us out of the really hard stuff. Last 2 degrees are supposed to be really good terrain.”

Summit Team Building

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