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Antarctica Update: December 13

Update from Ryan Waters, Mountain Professionals

54We are currently sleeping in the tents after a half rest day today at 86’38 South, so hopefully in two days we will break on through to the last 3 degrees to reach the Pole. It was great to sleep in this morning and go big on the coffees and podcasts or books, as the wind whipped at the tent. We definitely see a short term weather change now, and word from the folks at Union Glacier is that the next 3 days will be overcast, windy, and low contrast, which unfortunately for us  is just as we enter into the start of the notoriously turbulent surface near 87 degrees.  Here  the sastrugi is about 60 Nautical Miles or one degree of latitude wide. Oh well! It’s not easy to ski a full length unsupported trip to the South Pole, so we dig in and lace up the boots and go for it!

Summit Team Building

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