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Antarctica Update-December 1

Update from Ryan Waters, Mountain Professionals written by expedition member Kat.

South Pole Expedition

We’re now starting into our 3rd week of the expedition on the Antarctic ice! Today is our first half rest day and a well earned one indeed! We have now crossed over 84 degrees of latitude and have skied 135 nautical miles/ 155 miles/250kms. We started at 82 degrees South heading towards 90, so moving along nicely so far, passing the Pensicola mountains to our far West. We’ve had a mix of weather but mainly cold and clear with low wind, but always biting…As we’ve now gained over 1000m in altitude, most days are calling for our fur ruffs to be pulled up to protect our faces and mitts to keep warm. Its beautiful and wild down here on the ice. The terrain has been varied and although mainly flat, there have been some tricky sastrugi areas to be navigated around and over. The sleds thankfully are starting to feel a little lighter, but by the last ski blocks of the day, it always feels like someone has put rocks in them:). Today we will ski half a day and tomorrow we will begin out first full day of 8 hours of skiing. The team are all doing really well, staying strong and healthy and we are eating as many calories as we can fit in!

Summit Team Building

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